Evode Group


Evode's ecommerce brands, Merchmaker and Choosey, are disrupting the traditional retail market with a print on demand, zero inventory business model.


Pioneers of On-demand merchandise

Evode Group entered the billion dollar on-demand marketplace with the launch of two retail e-commerce brands, Merchmaker and Choosey. Each specialises in personalised consumer products, produced on demand from receipt of order.

Merchmaker is set to disrupt the online retail sector with the introduction of a 'zero inventory' business model for branded merchandise. Demolishing the constraints associated with stock, Merchmaker opens the door to potentially unlimited choice of product and design combinations.

Choosey is breaking ground with printed greetings card, which reach the next level in personalisation: personal video messages.



Official branded merchandise, customisable by fans with their choice of design and colour, and personalised with text.

Merchmaker is available B2C as a consumer website, as well as B2B, integrating with retailers and publishers own websites.


Printed greeting cards with the facility to include a personal video message, uploaded by the sender.

Choosey cards can be bought B2C, online at www.choosey.com, or B2B, available in-store from selected partners.


Wholesale disruption

In today's digitally connected world where customers search until they find exactly what they want, now, Evode has the answer. Its Merchmaker platform offers tens of thousands of product/design combinations, providing true choice where fans not only find what they seek, they can personalise their products. As nothing is ever out of stock, waiting becomes a thing of the past and the frustrations associated with delay are removed.

The Evode Group business model operates on-demand, minimising costs for stakeholders and maximising choice for consumers. Its zero inventory approach, challenges the traditional wholesale model of stock and associated overheads, while printing on demand brings unprecedented choice and availability to the consumer market.

licensed Brands for Fans

Merchmaker is licensed to produce official branded merchandise for some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment. These include WWE, Star Trek and Nickelodeon, as well as Disney and English Premier League Football Clubs through our partner license network

Working closely with each brand, Merchmaker develops new designs, approved by the brand and sampled on products before joining our virtual range of merchandise. With no stock, there are no limits to the quantity of designs available, offering true choice to consumers and extending designs and products beyond just the most popular to thousands of product/design combinations.

And to ensure that designs really resonate with the fans, consumers can customise and personalise, with colours, quotes and names.

New brands are being brought on board monthly and Merchmaker’s goal is to become the largest e-commerce retailer of personalised, branded fan merchandise.