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Launched in 2016, Choosey aims to change the world of personalised greetings cards forever, with printed cards that come to life.

  • Consumers choose their greetings card from an extensive online selection
  • They record and upload a personal video message to Choosey
  • The video prints as a link inside the card with a unique QR code
  • Upon scanning the QR code with a mobile or tablet, the video plays as if actually in the card
  • Cards can be sent globally, from anywhere to everywhere

Cards designs are a mix of independent artists and branded characters, from screen favourites to sporting heroes. Consumers are always seeking new designs or style they haven't seen before, so our Product Development team scours high and low for new artists with a fresh angle. Choosey cards cover all occasions, tastes and ages, and we are expanding our range constantly.

Cards that Come to Life

Choosey harnesses the world's obsession with social video, and allows consumers to post personal videos within the privacy of a printed greetings card.

Adding videos to Choosey card is made possible via the innovative use of augmented reality (AR) technology. Our specially developed Choosey App, enables consumers to upload videos to their personal library within Choosey, and personalise greetings cards with their video.  

Videos can be recorded on the Choosey app itself, or uploaded from a camera roll on a mobile device. When the card is received, it includes a printed QR code, which plays the video when scanned with a smartphone or tablet.

Online and In Store

Like other personalised greeting card companies, Choosey flourishes online. But unlike all other personalised cards, Choosey cards can also be bought in-store by customers, meeting the huge market of consumers who like to include a handwritten message or see an actual card when purchasing.

Choosey video cards are printed with a unique QR code inside the card, linked to the customer's video.  When cards are bought online, the consumer uploads their video and attaches them to their choice of card.  The card is printed and posted to the recipient, who scans the QR code to watch the video.

When a card is bought in-store, the QR code is already printed within the card. All the purchaser need do is upload their video to Choosey, linking it to the QR code printed inside their card. When the card is received, the recipient simply scans the QR code using a smartphone or tablet and the video plays as if actually inside the card.

Choosey USA

Choosey launched a site in the USA in April 2017 with additional ranges of cards for the $7 billion US market. 

Following the Evode ethos, cards are printed using local suppliers, and as with the UK site can be posted anywhere in the world.