Evode Group

Artem Belov


Artem Belov

• Evode Group's Chairman and lead investor. 

• Has over 10 years experience in venture capital and commodity management. 

• Aims for Evode to expand globally into new territories.

Evode Group’s Chairman and lead investor, Artem brings over ten years' experience of venture capital and commodity management to the business.  He specialises in development of investment in tech and media start ups, working with companies that have the right mix of technology, creativity and product knowledge.

Artem is attracted to businesses that have identified a disruption opportunity with a vast market potential. He looks for a strong product in an emerging market and believes that the market for customised, affordable and sustainable merchandise is unprecedented and huge. The wholesale industry needs to change to put customers in the driving seat, offering them creativity and selection, and Evode’s zero inventory model makes this possible.

Artem’s aim for the Evode Group is to expand the products globally, reaching new territories in Asia, North America and Australasia. Forming strategic retail partnerships, the company's platforms will become the engine that powers millions of real-time products for publishers and retailers globally.